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TFS 2012 – Customize Backlog Pages


Add New Field for Backlogs

Download agile process config file

witadmin exportagileprocessconfig /collection:http://tfsbox:8080/tfs/FirstCollection /p:CMMI-Test /f:"d:\tfs2012\AgileConfiguration.xml"

New Field To Add Dialog

Locate the AddPanel element and Iteration Path Element :



        <Field refname="System.Title" />

        <Field refname="Microsoft.VSTS.CMMI.RequirementType" />

        <Field refname="System.IterationPath" />



Upload config file to TFS Server

witadmin importagileprocessconfig /collection:http://tfsbox:8080/tfs/FirstCollection /p:CMMI-Test /f:"d:\tfs2012\AgileConfiguration.xml"


Notice that Iteration Path Field appeared in the Add Dialog



witadmin command-line tool can be found in below locations
cd %programfiles%\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Common7\IDE

Note: For Windows 64-bit version…replace %programfiles% with %programfiles(x86)%

Add Work Item type as Backlog Item

By Default only Work items in “Requirements” category (defined in Collection Categories) can be added as Backlog item. If you want to add other workitems such as Bugs, Change Requests as Backlog Item…Here is the solution.

Download Categories

witadmin exportcategories /collection:http://tfsbox:8080/tfs/FirstCollection /p:CMMI-Test /f:"d:\tfs2012\categories.xml"

Add New WorkItems

Locate the CATEGORY element for the "Requirement Category" in categories.xml. By default (in CMMI process template) it has only one child for Requirement Workitem. Add Other workitems to the list. In the below code, I added Bug, Change Request, Task workitems.

<CATEGORY refname="Microsoft.RequirementCategory" name="Requirement Category">

  <DEFAULTWORKITEMTYPE name="Requirement" />

  <WORKITEMTYPE name="Bug" />

  <WORKITEMTYPE name="Task" />

  <WORKITEMTYPE name="Change Request" />


Upload Categories

witadmin importcategories /collection:http://tfsbox:8080/tfs/FirstCollection /p:CMMI-Test /f:"d:\tfs2012\categories.xml"


TF400916: The current configuration is not valid for this feature. This feature cannot be used until a Team Foundation Administrator corrects the configuration.


Add Microsoft.VSTS.Scheduling.Size and Microsoft.VSTS.Common.StackRank field to Change Request work item type of the team project.

Now you can add Change requests as Backlog



In the same way you can add “Issue”, “Bugs” work item type as well. But what about Tasks?

By Default Task work item is in “Task Category” and you can’t have an work item in both “Task category” and “Requirement category”. Also Backlogs are only for “Requirement category”

Hope this Helps…!

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