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TFS – List out all checkout files

Some times you may need to listed out all the checkedout files in an TFS project. This is very frequent task in my project. There is a command line tool available for to do this.

  1. Need to use “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\tf.exe”; Run it from command prompt.
  2. Command:  “tf.exe status $/MyProject/Release/Dev2 /login:crm\pradeep,xxxx /user:* /s:http://mytfs-server:8080 /recursive > c:\checkedout.txt”

    Project name = $/MyProject/Release/Dev2
    User Name = crm\pradeep
    Password = xxxx (replace with your password)
    Users = * (/user:*, consider all users)
    TFS Server = http://mytfs-server:8080
    Output = c:\checkedout.txt

  3. References:
  4. To avoid manual work in executing this from command prompt, create a batch file. Below is the batch file, and just click on it. (Need to change your password)@echo off
    echo *** LIST OF CHECKED-OUT FILES FROM A TFS SERVER ***CD C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE

    tf.exe status $/MyProject/Development  /login:crm\pradeep,password /user:* /s:http://comrcn01clademo:8080 /recursive > c:\checkedout.txt

    REM for specific User
    REM tf.exe status $/MyProject/Development /login:crm\pradeep,password /user:crm\pradeep /s:http://mytfs-server:8080 /recursive > c:\checkedout.txt

    START c:\checkedout.txt
    echo *** Completed ***
    REM pause

  5. If you are using VS 2010, TFS 2010… try TFS Power Tools
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